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What do we offer?

The faculty has developed a robust course of study intended at preparing students with all of the necessary tools to compete effectively for academic and non-academic positions in the biomedical sciences.  Our goal is to educate future health science professionals in the area of physiological and biophysical sciences who demonstrate integrity, think critically, and communicate effectively.  The faculty strongly believe that this is best achieved by partnerships between faculty mentors/advisors and individual students that are mutually beneficial.  Faculty and students both succeed when students are treated as promising junior colleagues deserving the best training possible in an environment where academic freedom and expression is valued and encouraged.  Faculty and students each have important obligations to gear up students to be life-long scholars.  Admission to our graduate program is a privilege that will provide lasting opportunities for growth throughout your professional career.  A graduate student’s success depends on everyone involved.  This includes the Department, School of Medicine, and University, as well as faculty.  But most importantly, it depends on you, the student, taking primary responsibility for your educational and research progress.