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Medha Pathak Physiology & Biophysics welcomes Hamid Said, Ph.D.

The Department of Physiology and Biophysics is excited to welcome Hamid Said, Ph.D. as Professor. 

Read more about Hamid and his background:

Hamid M. Said, PhD, Pharm. D. is now an officially tenured member of the faculty of the Department of Physiology/Biophysics (he previously held a joint appointment with the Department)!  The interest of his research group has been focused on studying cellular/molecular mechanisms involved in the absorption/transport of water-soluble vitamins in organs of the digestive system, their regulation, cell biology of the transporters involved, and how specific internal/external

(environmental) factors (e. g., chronic alcohol consumption, chronic exposure to cigarette smoke, infection with specific enteropathogens) affect/interfere with these processes. There studies cover the whole spectrum of biological complexity from the whole (integrative) animal level, to intact tissues, isolated/cultured cells, sub-cellular organelle/components, to the molecular levels, and have utilized state-of-the-art cell/molecular/imaging approaches as well as appropriate transgenic animal models. Dr. Said is currently a recipient of an NIH ten years MERIT Awards (2010-2020), and a VA Senior Research Career Scientist Award-DVA (2005-2022). Previous awards to Dr. Said include the Horace W. Davenport Distinguished Award from the American Physiological Society-Gastrointestinal and Liver Section (2012) for lifetime achievement in gastrointestinal and liver physiological research, and the “Athalie Clarke Achievement Award” for significant research contribution at UCI (2015).